Teeth Grinding in Campbelltown

Protect Your Teeth With Custom Mouthguards

With custom mouthguards and behavioural therapy, we can help protect your teeth from wear.

Teeth Grinding in Campbelltown?

Need Help With Teeth Grinding in Campbelltown?

Are you suffering from teeth grinding? Campbelltown residents can receive help at Available Dental Care in many ways, including custom-fitted mouthguards to help prevent damage to their teeth and behavioural therapies which may also help you manage your symptoms.

What is teeth grinding exactly?

It’s an involuntary action of excessively clenching and grinding the teeth. Also known as bruxism, Campbelltown patients often don’t realise it’s a habit they have because it occurs mainly at night when they’re sleeping referred to as “nocturnal bruxism”.

Not only is teeth grinding an annoyance for a bed partner who may be kept awake with the noise (not to be confused by sleep apnea), but it also causes numerous side effects for the ‘bruxer’. These include:

Frequent headaches
Worn-down teeth = reduced lower face dimensions
Sleep disruption (both you and your partner)
Damage to restorations and or cracks in natural teeth
Pain and stiffness in the jaw

What is teeth grinding exactly?
Treating teeth grinding in Campbelltown

Treating teeth grinding in Campbelltown

We provide a variety of treatment options that are tailored to each individual’s needs and requirements. Typically, we recommend patients wear a mouth splint while they sleep. While this won’t stop teeth grinding, it prevents teeth from coming into contact with one another and causing damage. It also distributes pressure evenly across the jaws.

Teeth grinding is thought to be related to stress or anxiety and some patients find they benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps them change the way they think.

Patients can also take action themselves at home with relaxation techniques that can help prevent the stress which may be triggering their teeth grinding. These include:

Breathing exercises and mindfulness
Taking a warm bath before bedtime

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Are You A Bruxer?

You shouldn’t have to suffer from the consequences of teeth grinding in Campbelltown. Our experienced dentists can help you manage your symptoms and even break the habit. Contact us today on (02) 4062 8763 for an appointment or book online.

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