Stem Cell Technology Campbelltown

Harness Your Body’s Natural Healing

Our cutting-edge plasma-rich growth factor therapy harnesses your body’s natural healing power to regenerate soft tissue and bone for optimal oral health and function.

Stem Cell Technology In Campbelltown

Stem Cell Technology In Campbelltown – For Better Healing

Here at Available Dental Care, we pride ourselves on the latest regenerative techniques and stem cell technology is a case in point. Harnessing the healing properties of human stem cells, bone and tissue growth can be accelerated. As a result, stem cell technology in Campbelltown is changing the way that we perform cosmetic dental surgery.

Fortunately, technology allows us to now grow bone where it’s needed. This not only gives us the opportunity to place dental implants of proper width and length but allows us to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

How bone grafting using stem cell therapy in Campbelltown works

Bone grafting has the ability to repair implant sites where previously bone has been lost. Conventionally bone has been obtained either from bone banks or taken from other areas of the patient. Special membranes can also be used that dissolve underneath the gum to protect the bone graft. This whole process is known as guided tissue or guided bone regeneration.

Available Dental Care uses cutting edge soft tissue bone regeneration methods using plasma rich growth factors (PRGF). These growth factors can be obtained from the patient’s own blood just before surgery in a process known as stem cell therapy.

bone grafting using stem cell therapy in Campbelltown
Stem Cell Technology Campbelltown

How the stem cell technology in Campbelltown is carried out

Once sufficient blood is collected it is placed into a centrifuge. As it spins, the PRGF’s begins to separate from other properties contained in the blood. The growth factor proteins responsible for tissue regeneration are then extracted and applied to the treatment area to accelerate bone growth.

But that’s not all…

Besides utilising growth factors derived directly from patient’s blood, stem cell technology in Campbelltown Sydney has another use. Growth factors also contain a natural serum that not only aids the wound cleaning process allowing for speedier healing but can also help to achieve minimal scarring.

Hopefully, you can see how stem cell technology in Campbelltown excites us because it enables more patients to achieve successful and speedier outcomes when they undergo oral surgery.

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