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Transform Your Smile with Our Smile Makeover Services

Our smile makeover delivers a natural-looking, beautiful smile by blending restorative and cosmetic treatments to give your teeth and gums a stunning transformation.

Smile Makeover in Campbelltown

Smile Makeover – Reinvent Your Smile

If your smile is making you unhappy, then you might want to consider a smile makeover carried out by our experienced dentists here at Available Dental Care.

A smile makeover lets you customise and tweak those areas that you dislike to help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

What is a smile makeover?

It’s initially a digital design of the smile which takes account of the relationship between a patient’s gums, teeth and lips to plan their treatment virtually. Our skilled dentist uses digital smile design (DSD) technology to ensure your new smile has the right balance in your face.

One of the main benefits of DSD is that patients can see the result of their treatment before even starting it. They can comment on the final result and express any doubts or concerns to our dentist. Together, they can achieve the perfect simulation for a patient’s final smile.

smile makeover in Campbelltown
What about smile makeover treatment in Campbelltown

What about smile makeover treatment, what’s involved?

Each person’s smile makeover is different and while one person may simply require a few dental implants and a teeth whitening treatment, another may require multiple restorative and cosmetic treatments.

Your treatment will be tailored to you taking into account your dental needs, your wants, and the latest clinic treatments we provide. Your new smile will improve the overall aesthetics and function of your teeth and face.

All smile makeover plans can be aligned with your goals, budget, and time frame. Depending on what needs doing, your treatment can be finalised by our cosmetic dentists in a single visit or completed in several stages. Our aim is for a natural but enhanced appearance – so you look like you, only better!

Over the years, we have helped people of all ages improve their smiles and feel at their best, and we can do the same for you.
The state-of-the-art technologies we use in our dental clinic, allows us to make your smile more functional and more beautiful, for an affordable price.

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