Comfortable, Fast Treatments With Cutting-Edge Technology

Fast and highly effective, comfortable dental care procedures with the help of the latest dental technology.

latest technology

Available Dental Care are at the forefront of modern dental technology!

As in all medical fields, technology is having a great impact in modern dentistry.

Available Dental Care are always incorporating an influx of new and improved technology that helps us be more efficient and effective in our practice.

We use a state of the art “Sirona Orthopos SL” imaging machine which has the highest quality images produced in the world. This includes imaging such as: Orthopantogram (OPG x-ray ), 3D, and a Cone Beam CT scan which can be used for guided implant surgery, high resolution guided endodontics, impacted wisdom surgery and orthodontics.

Bone Grafting

Available Dental Care provide Implants and Advanced bone grafting solutions for lost or broken teeth.

This includes regular implants, implant bridges, vver-denture ( partial or full denture secured with mini-implants), and the very popular ALL ON 4.

We offer advanced sinus lifting (crestal and lateral window techniques), ridge augmentation using Guided bone regeneration and  stem cell technology to enhance natural cell growth.

We also use CEREC (Same day crowns and onlays), digital cameras , digital x-rays, cancer screening (Free with every examination) and Dental Microscopes.

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