Dental Check-Up in Campbelltown

Oral Health Maintenance through Regular Checkups and Cleanings

We care for your long-term dental health. Routine dental checkups and cleanings maintain oral health and prevent future dental problems.

General Check-Up In Campbelltown

General Check-Up In Campbelltown At Available Dental Care

At Available Dental Care, we recommend a general check-up in Campbelltown every six months to stay on top of your oral health. We call it “Active maintenance”, and it is customised to match your needs, so according to your dental health, our dentist may recommend a more frequent check-up.

A regular general check-up enables us to detect the early signs of decay, disease, and any abnormalities. It also helps us to get to know our patients and understand their dental and medical needs.

Fissure sealants in Campbelltown

Depending on the condition of their oral health, dental patients may be given fissure sealants to help prevent decay and preserve their teeth for longer. If you’re at risk of developing cavities, fluoride treatments in Campbelltown NSW can also help. Not only can they assist in the prevention of decay, but they can replace minerals lost due to enamel erosion, allowing the teeth to remain healthy.

Fissure sealants in Campbelltown
dental check up in campbelltown

What happens after a general check-up?

Campbelltown patients will be told if they need any restorative work such as a filling or a crown. Our dentist may also discuss any recommendations covering such things as diet and nutrition, brushing technique, and smoking. If you need a general check-up in Campbelltown, then why not schedule an appointment and commit to looking after your oral health. Talk to our caring Sydney family dentists here at Available Dental Care today.


What patients can expect from our services

During a general check-up and clean, Campbelltown patients will be given a thorough examination of their mouth, teeth, gums and jaws and be asked if they have experienced any issues since their last visit. Our dentist will be looking for any signs of decay or cavities as well as checking for deposits of plaque or tartar on your teeth. The gums will also be examined carefully to evaluate for signs of gum disease.

As part of the tests, our dentists will also check your throat, tongue, face and neck for any swelling or abnormalities as well as screening for tell-tale signs which may indicate serious medical conditions such as oral cancer. In addition, an x-ray may also be taken, particularly if this is your first dental visit. This helps our dentist to spot any decay between the teeth. Dental x-rays can also help to identify impacted wisdom teeth, cysts or abscesses on the tooth roots.

The second part of a general check-up involves a scale and clean. Campbelltown patients, however, well they brush their teeth, will have plaque and tartar that needs removing. Special dentistry tools are used to gently remove tartar and clean above and below the gums. Treatment also includes polishing the teeth to remove any surface stains. Once this is completed your teeth will look and feel sparkly clean.

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