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Whether you’re missing a few or all of your teeth, our Campbelltown dental clinic provides an affordable replacement solution with full or partial dentures. Campbelltown residents can rest easy in the knowledge that our dentures offer a precise and natural appearance. We provide a range of contemporary dentures to meet your dental needs and your budget.
Partial dentures

Dentures in Campbelltown – what are your options if you are missing a few teeth?

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are designed to fill gaps in the smile due to the loss of one or more teeth. They consist of a plastic plate containing sufficient false teeth to close the gap. Metal clasps are then used to secure the plate to your natural teeth to hold it securely in place.

The prosthetic teeth are colour matched to your remaining teeth to blend in seamlessly while the user-friendly clasps enable the wearer to remove the denture for cleaning and to reattach it.


Our strongest dentures are made from metal and patients can benefit from them being smaller and thinner than their plastic counterparts. In general, they are more hygienic and more tolerable as they do not need to cover as much of the mouth.

“The art is in concealing the art” so you can smile without showing metal clasps.


Plastic dentures are cheaper and easier to make. They’re ideal for Campbelltown patients that need teeth extracting and are looking to replace them immediately. they can be a good temporary solution while waiting for implant teeth to be crowned.

Flexi dentures

These are a relatively new concept that provides a metal-free option to a partial denture. The false teeth are attached to a flexible gum coloured base which extends to make the clasps that secure the denture to your natural teeth. The close-fitting denture provides enhanced stability and retention.

Dentures in Campbelltown – What are the options if you are missing all the teeth?

Full Dentures Vs Overdenture

Full dentures

These are also known as complete dentures. Campbelltown patients can replace all of their teeth in their upper jaw or their lower jaw with a full denture, or in the case of edentulous patients, they can wear a full denture on both their upper and lower jaws.

Overdenture Campbelltown

This is a fixed-removable option. This is the most cost effective way to secure lower full denture by way of placing several narrow diameter implants placed in your jaw bone to be connected and hold the false teeth by way of magnetic or friction grip attachments.

Overdenture is by far the best treatment option for people missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower jaw without leaving a hole in your wallet. It is the perfect “in between” option of the “snap on” removable overdenture and the “fixed” hybrid.

Through use of precisely positioned ”friction connectors”, patient’s receive a denture with the benefits of BOTH FIXED and REMOVABLE solutions! The tight precision fit delivers the comfort, function, and confidence of a fixed denture, while still being able to remove it for easier hygiene and maintenance.

Here are some of the benefits of this treatment option:


  • Function and secure feel of fixed solutions, but at much lower costing around $6000 to $8000 from the start to finish (Includes a new full denture,per arch for 4-6 posts).
  • Optimal chewing function and sense of taste thanks to free-palate design
  • Great esthetic results that resemble natural teeth with minimal footprint.
  • Minimal keyhole surgery and very quick recovery.
  • Removable so easy to clean and maintain both around the gums and the implants and the denture.
  • Do not have to worry about retention inserts in the denture wearing out over time and needing to be changed.
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