Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures or bridges and provide a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Some Australians consider getting dental implants overseas. 

Overseas dental implants may be less expensive, but the procedure is also more dangerous and can end up costing you more over the long-term. A dentist that offers a free consultation near you is the expert you should visit before deciding to proceed with major dental surgery. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it is safer to get dental implants in Australia.

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Lack Of Regulation

Australian dentists are monitored by several governing bodies, including the Australian Dental Association and the Dental Board of Australia. They ensure dentists use the latest approved dental implant techniques and materials, maintain hygienic dental practices, and undergo continual professional development.

If you choose to get your dental implant overseas, your dentist may not have the same training or adhere to the same strict regulations as an Australian dentist. You may receive sub-standard work, placing you at an increased risk of infection.

No Access To Dental Records

Australian dentists have access to your dental records, including previous procedures, health conditions and allergies to medications that could impact your implant surgery.

When you get dental implants overseas, you are relying on your communication skills to relay important medical information. You may omit vital information, especially if there is a problem with translation. This can increase the risk of surgical complications and implant failure.


No Recourse

If you choose to get a dental implant overseasyour insurance company may not offer cover the cost of the implant or provide an avenue for compensation if your surgery does not go as planned.

Failed or infected overseas dental implants may need to be removed and replaced at extra cost to you and without the foreign dentist taking responsibility.


Choose Affordable, Quality Dental implants in Australia

When it comes to getting dental implants overseasdon’t take the risk, consider getting a free consultation at your local dental clinic. At Available Dental Care, we support a range of eligible health funds and offer HICAPS so you can process your payment on the spot.

We use the latest technology, including cone-beam CT scanning for guide implant surgery and stem cell technology for accelerated tissue growth after a bone graft.

Call our Campbelltown dental surgery on (02) 4062 8763, to book a free consultation to restore your smile.

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