Crowns And Bridges In Campbelltown

Dental Crowns and Bridges to Improve Your Oral Function and Aesthetics

Our custom-made restorations are the perfect solution for damaged or missing teeth, giving you both improved function and a stunning, natural-looking appearance.

Crowns and Bridges Campbelltown

Crowns and Bridges Campbelltown Patients Will Adore

If you need crowns and bridges in Campbelltown, then it’s good to know that we have invested in the latest technologies to make this procedure hassle-free and more comfortable and streamlined for our patients.

One of the technologies we’re proud to provide is CEREC same-day crowns. Our dentists can now fit patients with a customised natural-looking dental crown using computer-aided and design manufacture (CAD/CAM) in just one dental visit.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns in Campbelltown are recommended when teeth are too badly damaged to be repaired with a filling. They fit over the top of a damaged tooth covering it from the top to the gumline and serve to add protection and strength.

Dental bridges close the gap that is left behind by missing teeth. A bridge typically consists of two crowns (that hold the bridge in place) on either side of the gap with a false tooth or teeth in between.

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What is the procedure for dental crowns in Campbelltown?

Your natural tooth is prepared in the same way by our dentist – just as a lab-fabricated crown would be. Next digital impressions of your tooth are taken and sent to the CAD/CAM software that creates a virtual 3D model of your tooth.

The specifications are then sent to the milling machine which creates a custom-fitted crown right here in our clinic from a block of porcelain. Once complete the crown is checked for fit and cemented securely in place on your prepared tooth. Your smile has now been restored and you’re free to go.

What about dental bridges in Campbelltown, how are they made?

We can also make your dental bridge using CEREC technology and fit it during the same visit. Campbelltown patients benefit from higher quality and enhanced aesthetics based on the 3D scans we take of your mouth and teeth.

CEREC is short for Ceramic RE-Construction which creates restorations that are compatible with your natural teeth and extremely natural-looking.

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