A Contemporary Dentist – Providing a Harmonious Blend of Patient Care, Understanding, and Innovation

Our Strengths…

Educating, motivating and empowering our patients to appreciate and take care of their own teeth and gums for life.

Our Values…

Transparency, Quality, Trust and most importantly Integrity.

We Take Pride in…

Motivating our patients to have a positive attitude about their own dental health. Being able to change our patients’ perception of going to the dentist and in doing so, establishing life-long habits that will ensure that our patients keep their own set of teeth for life. Making all our visits more enjoyable simply because we enjoy what we do.

We Believe That…

All patients should enjoy their own natural smile and that a set of healthy teeth and gums truly reflects confidence. A healthy smile is what our patients should aim for and that the act of smiling is more important than having a “Hollywood” smile but if they wish to have that we are able to make it happen.

We are well-known for…

Honesty, value, exceptional service and care. Having the latest in dental technology to provide the highest quality services. Utilising the latest in dental technology to actively involve our patients in all their dental needs.

We have been recognised for…

Having one of the best designed dental practices around, that serves both form and function.

We have achieved…

Finalist in the Campbelltown Business Awards for 3 consecutive years. And more importantly, raving patients who walk out with a smile on their faces.

Campbelltown Dentist
Dentist in Campbelltown NSW
Dentist in Campbelltown
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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you provide?

We’re a family dentist in Campbelltown NSW that believes everyone should have access to affordable dental care. For this reason, we provide a range of payment methods including –

Cash, HICAPS, EFTPOS, interest free Denticare payment plan, All major Credit Cards, Zip Pay and National Dental Plan. We also offer payment plans and interest-free finance, allowing Campbelltown patients to spread their payments over several weeks/months.

How long has your dental practice been established?

The first dental practice in Queen street was at this location and was founded in the mid 1980’s by Dr Almir Suljic. We have rebranded from Precise dental care in 2012 to Available Dental Care By Dr Shaun Lajevardi and Dr Olivia Nova.

How many people are in the dental team at Available Dental Care?

We currently have 2 dentists, a prosthetist and 4 dental assistants working at our Campbelltown dentist.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept all types of dental insurance but do not have any special agreements with any particular one.

Is there Wi-fi at the dental clinic?

Yes, we do have wi-fi which is free for our Campbelltown patients to use and enables them to keep in touch with friends and news, while sitting in the lounge or for children while they are receiving treatment.

What type of dental implants do you use?

We use Astra Tech implants which are known to be extremely reliable. We also perform bone grafting in cases where a patient has insufficient jawbone to support the implants. This ensures longevity of your prosthesis.

What about guarantees? Are any provided?

Guarantees are provided depending on the procedure and if home care regiment was followed. However, all prostheses are supplied with a lifetime manufacturing warranty. 

What cosmetic dental treatments do you provide?

The cosmetic dental treatments we provide include CEREC same-day crowns and dental bridges, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening using the Pola Office system which is carried out in-chair.

Do you offer any promotions?

Yes, we offer different promotions throughout the seasons, be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you won’t miss out on any  health tips and promos worth checking on a regular basis. Subscribe here, so that you’re the first to know our offers!

Do you accept NSW Health vouchers?

Yes, we’re happy to accept dental vouchers for eligible patients referred by the community clinic. We are also having a Prosthetist in house who can make dentures (false teeth) in house.

Do you carry out cancer screening?

Yes, we provide oral and facial cancer screening for our new patients free of charge, which is given with every examination. 

How often should I visit my Campbelltown dentist?
We recommend as a rule that patients schedule a general check-up every six months called “Active maintenance” which is customised to your needs. However, depending on the current condition of your oral health and any special dental needs you may have, more frequent dental check-ups may be required. 
Campbelltown Dentist
Dentist in Campbelltown NSW
Dentist in Campbelltown