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Sleep Dentistry- Shove off the fear and visit us

One of the major reasons for hesitating to visit the dentist is the fear of the individual’s possible painful previous recollections or to having heard such experiences from others. Thanks to the rapid advance in anaesthetic techniques, dental surgery and its equipment. Sedation dentistry, often referred to as sleep dentistry, is an important service offered by specifically trained and experienced dental practitioners to create a smooth and stress-free visit to the dentist. If you are scared we have the best way to soothe you down and relax your mind and body before the treatment.  Pain perception by the individual is almost totally avoided, so that you don’t have to bear it or even feel it.

We are the best ‘sleep dentistry Campbelltown’ and have well-organised services according/customized to your needs.  Before any major dental procedure, our highly trained anaesthetic team will clearly explain to you the various techniques of administering sleep dentistry to totally ease the anxiety and stress that you may face in the clinic. Medications in different forms are provided so that your mind and body relaxes and goes to sleep before the treatment begins and further, at the end you may have no recollections whatsoever of the procedure. How nice! There are three different ways of sedating a patient:

  • Oral sedation (Tablets)
  • Inhalation sedation (Gas breathed through the nose)
  • Intravenous sedation (Drugs administered via a vein in the arm or hand)

From the above three options, one or more forms is/are picked according to the condition, need and convenience of the patient.  With this facility now, all surgeries can be done in time and in the most convenient manner as they are most effective and least painful. During sleep dentistry, even the sensations of injections given to soothe down the nerves inside your teeth are dampened so that you hardly perceive any pain at all, much to your relief. 

Those who are not really up to it for long surgical procedures, can conveniently opt for sleep dentistry as it relaxes your body and mind with no feeling or remembrance during the procedure or at the end of it.  Our highly trained doctors ensure that the procedure/treatment is completed on time and that you do not have to experience any kind of discomfort at any stage of the procedure/treatment with us.